THE BIRTH – In the 1980s

Lombarda H was established in the 1980s for logistics services and sale of medical products in the province of Milan, initially in Cusago and later on in Albairate.

DISINFECTANTS – In the 1990s

It was only in the late 1990s that Lombarda H decided to open a production centre its own for the manufacture of disinfectants, first in Albairate and then in Abbiategrasso (Milan), and began to register a number of products under the LH brand name.

THE EXPANSION – In the 2000S

In the 2000s, the company decided to extend its reach, this time to new markets, through the import of products from the Middle Eastern markets; products that were increasingly cutting-edge and in line with the high professional standards that distinguish Lombarda H.


Besides its historic brand, Lombarda H acquired Amedics, a brand intended for the professional world, specializing in research and development, production and control of disinfectants, antiseptics, detergents and cosmetics for the professional and community sectors.


We specialize in the production of hand and intact skin disinfection products, instrument and surface disinfectants for use in hospitals and outpatient clinics, embodying advanced technologies and having a low impact on the environment.


Lombarda H has its own laboratory, equipped with all the latest instruments to carry out checks throughout the production process. From raw materials to finished product, a quality system is implemented according to periodically validated and monitored protocols.


The experience gained over the years enables the company to be one of the few producers in Italy and Europe of electrolytic active chlorine, the disinfectant containing one of the active ingredients with the broadest spectrum of action and is used in many different areas, including healthcare and food.


Not only disinfectants, Lombarda H also provides disposable products, clothing, transfer aids and furniture: all that is necessary for the care and transfers of elderly patients, always taking into due account the safety and protection of the healthcare operators.


Passion and professional excellence are the two key factors that have enabled the company to expand throughout Italy, from the North to the South of the Country, where the company is present with its own sales force. The company is also active in the field of training and organizes specific course to be able to provide technical and scientific consulting services and efficient after-sales assistance.


But there is more to Lombarda H than its history: the company looks to the future and invests major resources in Research & Development to perfect and integrate new products that meet users' needs and keep up with new market trends.
The company's mission, in fact, is continuous growth, with a special focus on hygienic, health and environmental aspects, with the aim of providing our customers with safe, reliable and high quality products.