• Dental and Oral...

    We supply dental products and professional instruments for dental practices and dental laboratories. Our wide range of quality products includes articles for oral hygiene and for cleaning and disinfecting the working facilities of dental technicians, orthodontists and dental staff in general.

  • Diagnostics

    We supply diagnostic devices , instruments used for clinical diagnosis and diagnostic tests. In particular, our range of diagnostic instruments includes sphygmomanometers, stethoscopes, finger oximeters, glucometers, ear and digital thermometers. You can choose the best diagnostic instruments from our constantly updated catalogue. 

  • Disinfectants and...

    We specialise in the production of disinfectants for hospitals, outpatient clinics, dental surgeries and laboratories. We supply a wide range of hand and skin products, disinfectants for surgical instruments and medical devices, meeting all the hygiene and disinfection requirements of healthcare professionals. 

  • Clothing

    This section is reserved for hospitals, outpatient clinics and doctors’ surgeries who need a supply of medical clothing for the medical and nursing staff, as well as for in-patients and guests; all products are made of durable, high quality materials for everyday use. 

  • Dressing products

    We have been supplying dressing products for many years and our catalogue includes various types of disposable dressing products for medical and healthcare uses, such as plasters, bandages and other commonly used medical supplies. Our products are intended for regular use in hospitals, emergency rooms and doctors' surgeries. 

  • Tracheostomy Accessories

    We propose a wide range of devices for tracheostomy, a procedure performed to facilitate breathing. Among the many products we supply for this surgical procedure are: cannula holders, HMEs, dressing products, etc. 

  • Infusion devices

    By requesting the supply of infusion devices, you can provide your surgery and hospital wards with devices for the continuous intravenous delivery of drugs and physiological fluids to in-patients.

  • Emergency and First Aid

    We supply first aid kits, cabinets and cases. We propose a full range of first aid kits, widely diversified to meet every need. Our catalogue includes resuscitation aids and masks, first aid cabinets and first aid nylon bags. 

  • Aspirators, Nebulisers...

    Our catalogue includes a wide range of surgical aspirators, nebulisers and accessories for aerosol therapy and oxygen therapy. We offer different types of surgical aspirators, used for nasal, oral or tracheal suctioning of body fluids. We supply various models of nebulisers, used to solve respiratory problems such as colds and sinusitis, and other devices such as masks and bubble humidifiers.

  • Support, Transfer and...

    We specialise in the supply of antidecubitus devices, offering a wide range of products for the prevention and management of pressure sores, including: antidecubitus mattresses and pillows, abdominal, pelvic and pectoral bands, arm and wrist straps and slings of various types, hollow fibre pillows, heel pads etc. 

  • Kitchen and Paper...

    Lombarda H also specialises in the supply of paper products such as napkins, toilet paper and roll towels; these items are widely used in the medical field and in other professional sectors. Moreover, we market kitchen hygiene products such as trash bags, placemats and disposable cutlery. 

  • Professional...

    Thanks to the experience gained over the years, we supply professional high efficiency detergents to reduce soiling and contamination for doctor’s surgeries, outpatient clinics and hospitals. Cleaning the facilities is a fundamental step before the subsequent disinfection operations. We have a product line that includes cleaners for dishwashers, washing up liquids, hard surface degreasers, toilet cleaning and sanitising detergents, room perfumers and professional washing machine cleaners. 

  • Cleaning equipment

    Our wide range of cleaning equipment for professional use includes all the products that are indispensable to outpatient clinics, nursing homes and healthcare facilities in general. In these facilities, in fact, sanitised surfaces must be ensured day in, day out, by making use of the appropriate tools. In Lombarda H's product catalogue we find antistatic cloths, sponges, galvanised steel wool pads, rubber gloves, brooms, dustpans, buckets with wringer, cleaning trolleys and wet floor warning signs.

  • Sterilisation

    We specialise in the production and marketing of sterilisation products for hospital use. We offer a wide range of specific devices for sterilisation procedures, such as self-sealing bags and disposable sterilisation indicators.  

  • Equipment

    This section on the supply of equipment for hospitals and nursing homes for sick, elderly and mobility-impaired patients includes various products suitable for lifting and transporting patients within healthcare facilities, such as shower chairs, weighing chairs, wheelchairs, lifts, stand-aids and shower gurneys. 

  • Aids and Furniture and...

    We specialise in the supply of furniture for hospitals, doctor's surgeries and clinics, our wide assortment includes both furniture items such as overbed tables, beds, electric beds with and without wheels, bedside tables, closets, tables, three-seater armchairs and handrails, as well as important aids, such as walkers, crutches, bed cradles, drip poles and mini exercise bikes.

  • Linea Ortopedica
  • COVID19

    Protective devices for Covid-19, ideally suited for use in hospitals, nursing homes, private clinics and in any situation where personal protection is required. Discover the entire catalogue that includes covid-19 rapid tests, protective masks of various types, face shields, disposable shoe covers and gowns for guests and visitors, gloves and disinfectant gel. 

  • ECG, Echography and...

    Lombarda H also specialises in the supply of medical devices for gynaecology, ECG and ultrasound examinations. In particular, we market hypoallergenic products such as specific gels for electrocardiograms, gels for ultrasound scans, electrodes, brushes and vaginal speculums.

  • Pharmaceuticals

    We specialise in the distribution of medical and pharmaceutical products for hospitals, clinics and doctors' surgeries, including: creams and barrier films, solvents, urine tests, evacuation enemas, hydrogen peroxide, ice bags.

  • Patient care

    We specialise in the supply of disposable patient care products, such as dermatologically tested mitts with and without soap, wet wipes, bibs, nappies and bed pads. Our extensive catalogue also offers sanitary devices such as urine and faeces containers, bedpans and urinals for the hospital and outpatient sectors.

  • Personal Hygiene,...

    We are a benchmark in the supply of personal hygiene products, thanks to our extensive experience in the field of high-quality healthcare products. This section brings together all the products suitable for patients who need to take care of their personal hygiene during their hospital stay, such as detergents, soaps, creams, deodorants and body cleansing products. 

  • Disposable Medical...

    We supply a wide range of disposable medical devices having different functions, including articles for hospitals, doctor’s surgeries and dental practices; disposable sterile devices for use by physicians and nurses in their daily activities, including needles, tongue depressors, urine bags, catheters, syringes, etc.  

  • Therapy Distribution

    We have been working for years on the supply of drug dispensers, useful tools enabling the preparation and organization of each individual patient's therapy to be performed quickly and easily. The range includes daily pillboxes, pillboxes for weekly therapy scheduling, graduated cups with and without lids, and manual and electric pill crushers. 

  • Surgical Instruments...

    Active in the healthcare sector for over thirty years, we guarantee the supply of surgical instruments and accessories for hospitals, outpatient clinics and doctors' surgeries. Our range of surgical instruments includes basins of different sizes, anatomical and Klemmer forceps, scissors, nail clippers, speculums and stitch removers. 

  • Sports Health Articles

    We propose a wide range of devices used in sports medicine; professional articles for the healing and recovery of orthopaedic sports injuries, including tape patches, dry ice and spray ice, and kinesiology tape for muscle recovery.

  • Disphagia

    Our product line for dysphagia includes products such as thickeners and gelling agents suitable to improve the swallowing reflex of people suffering from this condition. All of our products are calibrated to meet the nutritional requirements of patients who are malnourished, elderly, dysphagic or are recovering after surgery. 

  • Igiene della persona

    La salute e il benessere della nostra pelle passano attraverso semplici gesti, a cominciare dall’igiene e dall’idratazione quotidiane. Prendersene cura vuol dire anche contrastare l’insorgenza di arrossamenti o di patologie potenzialmente dannose, specialmente in presenza di fattori che possono renderla più sensibile e delicata, quali l’invecchiamento cutaneo o una prolungata degenza. Per questo è importante scegliere trattamenti specifici, in grado di idratare in profondità e di rafforzare le naturali barriere della pelle, aiutando a combattere le infiammazioni.

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Guanti in lattice senza polvere ambidestri, monouso, non sterili, destinati ad essere impiegati nelle operazioni di esplorazione, esaminazione, terapia e diagnostica.


Dispositivo monouso in polietilene ad alta densità, senza lattice, senza polvere, non sterile, colore trasparente, ambidestro, testurizzato sulle dita.


Calzature da lavoro di nuova concezione per chi opera ogni giorno in piedi, leggerissime 150 grammi l’una, massimo comfort, unisex.


Calzatura completa di tomaia in microfibra traforata e imbottita internamente con puntale in ferro, fodera permeabile, traspirante e resistente alle abrasioni.


Pigiama in Jersey 100% cotone con lampo a 3 cursori lunga fino alla caviglia. Può essere aperto completamente, facilitando il cambio del pannolone e rendendolo più semplice da indossare.


Pigiama sanitario consigliato a chi ha problemi di incontinenza. Dotato di cerniera posteriore per facilitare il compito degli operatori nel cambio degli ausili.


Benda elastica di contenimento per il fissaggio della medicazione e per il sostegno in caso di distorsioni e contusioni leggere.


Benda con pasta all’ossido di zinco, adatta al trattamento dell’ulcera crurale, delle tromboflebiti, di lussazioni, di distorsioni e dopo ablazione del gesso.


Benda compressiva per uso flebologico, bendaggio di sostegno e forte compressione costante, ideale per tutti i problemi relativi al complesso sintomatico varicoso.


Garza paraffinata sterile non aderente, anallergica, aiuta il naturale processo di guarigione di ustioni, ulcere, trapianti cutanei e ferite.


Compresse in tessuto non tessuto, 40gr, piegate in quattro strati, indicate per il tamponamento e la protezione di lesioni cutanee e ferite superficiali.


Benda di ovatta agugliata non a carattere invasivo chirurgico, si applica sopra la maglia tubolare per realizzare fasciature sottogesso e si presenta in rotoli.


Cerotto adesivo in TNT retinato, altamente permeabile all’aria , ipoallergenico, latex free.


Cerotto medicato in tessuto non tessuto, da tagliare nella misura desiderata. La garza contiene una sostanza con attività antibatterica (clorexidina digluconato 0,5%).


Compressa in TNT sterile per la medicazione di ferite da trauma per la compressione e/o l’assorbimento degli essudati, per tutti i tipi di lesioni cutanee e per impieghi postoperatori.


Cerotto in seta, particolarmente adatto all’uso specialistico (sala operatoria, reparti a rischio ed applicazioni particolari).